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Sala Nordeste e Cerrado - Northeast and Cerrado Space - Expo Sustentat - São Paulo . BRASIL 2007

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Uma inciativa para promoção da
sociobiodiversidade desses dois biomas brasileiros


In the Second Northeast and Cerrado Space, you can see a new development model in which you can participate, with the goal of ensuring a sustainable present and a future with improved quality of life for generations to come. Be a part of this new page in history.

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Lots of sustainable experiences

Experiences based on sociocultural and environmental diversity in the Brazilian Northeast and Cerrado have paved the way for sustainable development by means of supplying high-quality products in harmony with the environment. Projects undertaken by cooperatives, social and economic networks, associations, marketing centers and production groups with activities in these regions have shown that it is possible to generate income with social inclusion, food security and respect for traditional knowledge.

It is thus noticeable that sustainable insertion of family farming and fair trade products in national and international markets is fundamental in order to give society increasing access to the benefits of agroecological processes which bring man and nature together.

Promoted by the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), German Service of Technical and Social Cooperation (DED), Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Institute for Society, Population and Nature (ISPN), the Ministry of Agrarian Development (MDA), Dom Hélder Câmara Project (PDHC), Ministry of National Integration (MI) and São Francisco and Parnaíba Valley Development Company (CODEVASF), the Second Northeast and Cerrado Space will display a selection of these experiences.

Its conception is based on the understanding that trade shows are an important instrument for commercial promotion of these products, allowing sustainable community enterprises to introduce their products to the market, building and strengthening business relationships, becoming aware of new business opportunities and trends and increasing sales. All of this on top of the benefits brought about for buyers and specialists, who can get a taste of different knowledge and flavors, as well as establishing fruitful dialog.

“O artesanato do Nordeste é mais que uma fonte de renda para quem o produz. É uma cultura passada de pai para filho, que respeita as raízes de um povo, a sua arte, as suas riquezas, a sua história”.
Deuselina Rocha Santos – Artesã, Maranhão
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